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At Rocky Mountain Dog Training, our mission is to teach owners leadership skills and handling techniques that are sensitive to both the human and canine needs. Our puppy & dog training programs deploy only the gentlest of techniques for fast results and fun for both owner and pet.
Dog training doesn't need to be a chore. It should be a fun, enjoyable activity and should never compromise the temperament of the dog. With that in mind, we are proud members of and maintain the standards set forth by the Pet Professional Guild,a professional organization of force-free trainers.  
Dog training is all about forming a solid relationship with your dog and at Rocky Mountain Dog Training in Broomfield, CO, we will give you the tools you need to build communication skills, mutual respect, and trust between you and your canine companion. You will learn to understand your dog's natural behaviors and mannerisms and we'll teach you how to effectively communicate with your four legged friend to acheive that desired behavior that everyone wants from their dog!

Julie Parker - Dog Trainer & Owner Julie Parker - Owner, Professional Trainer
I got my start in the rescue world saving Great Danes fifteen years ago, I have done everything from transports to serving as the president of the board, and eventually co-founding the rescue group Save the Giants. 

In 2008, I made a major life decision to leave a corporate job as a QA Engineer, go back to school and learn the highly skilled trade of dog training. I have now been through two trainer's courses and continue to attend various field-related seminars to further my education. 

Dog training has provided me with a way to use my skills to be on the preventative end of the dog  rescue world. I am able to help dogs and their families succeed before they are faced with the tough decisions that lead many dogs into the shelter system. Behavioral issues are mostly preventable with early training and socialization, and as many of you know, behavioral issues are one of the leading causes of dogs ending up in shelters. I LOVE this about training, it really does make a huge difference in the quality of life for a dog and for their families! 

 In my career, I am dedicated to high-quality, science-based and ethical training services that are sensitive to both the dog and the owner. I firmly believe that harsh methods have no place in dog training These methods are archaic and uncecessary. It is TOO EASY to damage a dog's temperament, cause undue stress to an already reactive dog or create a neurosis using punishment-based training. On the flip side, training a dog using reinforcement-based training is incredibly fast, it's fun for both the dog and the person, and results are seen very quickly. We use clear communication to cue behaviors we want to see rather than waiting for the dog to get it wrong. We reward behaviors that are desirable and the dog is willing to repeat those behaviors because it works for them too!
Rocky Mountain Dog Training has been serving the Broomfield area for 5 years now, and in May of 2011, I proudly opened the doors to our very own training center. In January 2013, I expanded our location to near double the space and it's been an exciting journey of which I am very proud!
Do I think other training methods work?
The answer is yes, other methods DO work to suppress undesirable behaviors, and truthfully, rewards-based training can be executed poorly to create behavioral challenges, but done right, it is incredibly effective. I choose not to use coercive dog training methods because there are many more effective ways to train a dog without resorting to physical punishment. I find that the key to any successful relationship is trust. I don't know about you, but just like a dog,  I'm leery of people who treat me poorly, particularly when I have no idea what I did wrong in the first place! Not only that, but it is proven that using aversives to train can leave long lasting, and horrible emotional scars. Why, with all that we know about dogs now, ever use these antiquated methods? 

Present Day - Continuing Education
I continue my education by attending seminars, participating in workshops & dog training networking events, reading countless books, journals & articles, & viewing as many DVDs on dog training & behavior modification as I can get my hands on! I was recently accepted into the elite and highly intensive program at The Academy for Dog Trainers. I am over the moon excited to be studying under world renowned behavior expert Jean Donaldson!!!! 
Julie and Marshall
I love working with people & training dogs, and it truly warms my heart to see dogs once viewed as a frustration to their owners, embraced as loving members of the family with a little bit of direction; or a puppy growing up as a most trustworthy and dependable companion. I continue to offer free puppy socialization classes to the community as part of my personal community service because it is so critical to their development. I read a staggering statistic not long ago that only 2% of dogs in the US attend socialization groups as puppies! That is insane to me. If you want to help your dog succeed in life, you'd better not skip this crucial step in their development. Socialization and training truly saves lives, and well-trained dogs have so many more opportunities to enjoy life with us than dogs who never get out and socialized. Every family starts out with the goal of raising a wonderful dog, and through training, you can make this a reality!
I have so much fun geeking out about dog behavior and training, it's one of my greatest loves! I could probably write a novel here but I will practice impulse control and stop myself for now.
As a final word, if you're looking for a trainer who truly values each dog/handler team as unique, and who looks at each and every training session as an opportunity to share my knowledge & skills and make this world easier to navigate for dogs and their people, then I'm your gal!

Please contact us via phone or e-mail to learn how Rocky Mountain Dog Training in Broomfield can benefit your relationship with your canine companion.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Rocky Mountain Dog Training of Broomfield
6801 W. 117th Ave. Unit F3
Broomfield, CO 80020
AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator #42178
Serving these locations in Colorado: Broomfield, Broomfield County, Westminster, Denver, Federal Heights, Northglenn, Thornton, Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Arvada, Boulder, Superior, Lafayette, Louisville, Boulder, Erie, Littleton
Note: We are in no way affiliated with Rocky Mountain Dog Trainers in Colorado Springs. If you are looking for a positive reinforcement & lure/reward trainer in that area, contact us, and we'll help you locate a great trainer in your area.
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