Rocky Mountain Dog Training - dog training and behavior modification
Day Training
We train your dog while you're at work!

  • New puppies or adult dogs on basic behaviors
  • Behavioral support for existing clients
  • Customized training plans target specific deficits in behavior
  • Enjoy watching us train on days when you are available
  • Each session is 40-45 minutes
  • Weekly recaps of your dog’s new skills
  • A full 1-hour session at the end of training packages with clear written instructions showing you how to keep your dog’s new behaviors strong
  • We need a quiet, indoor space to start, and will transition to outdoor areas as needed, weather permitting

We service Broomfield and Westminster residents exclusively for day training. 

$60 - 1 session
Or save with a package...
$550 - 10-pack
$900 - 20-pack

Enjoy your evenings and weekends and leave the training to us! 

Please note: We require an evaluation for all new clients. For existing clients, this may or may not be necessary depending on the scope of training and complexity of the issues. This allows us to take a behavioral history of your dog, get an idea of the dog's temperament and determine training goals and contingencies for the behavior. Once complete, we will provide you with your training plan and estimated package size appropriate to complete the outlined training goals.

Why this is important: A client may ask us to teach their dog stay as part of their program. We as trainers need to determine contingencies for the behavior. Does this mean among everyday household distractions for 3 minutes, or does this mean on a camping trip with an abundance of other friends and dogs along with occasional wildlife for 30-minute stretches? Is the dog already comfortable with dogs and people, or do we have work to do there? Does the dog have a history of running off after small critters? Does the dog already know how to sit and down on cue or do those behaviors need to be taught first? Our evaluation is important for both of us. It allows us to avoid inefficiencies in training, and it allows you to make an educated purchase on your package size. We don't need to spend time working outdoors or with other dogs if you're simply looking for your dog to stay while you're cooking dinner and have no other pets for example. The more complex the contingencies, the more work we have to account for, so setting parameters can help us avoid over or underestimating your package size. General turnaround from evaluation to receiving your training plan is 2 business days at which point if all looks good, we can move forward with contract. 

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