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Private and In-Home Training
Customized Training and Behavior Consulting Options 

Private training is optimal for behavioral challenges, those who prefer a more tailored approach or for families with small children to learn together. You'll have your trainer's undivided attention, and training takes place in the low distraction environment of your home or our quiet training center. Plus your training package is customized to your dog's needs, and your training pace. 

There are a myriad of behavioral issues which are addressed exclusively through private training. Private sessions are also a terrific option for those whose needs just don't fit into a standard training program either because of specific goals or scheduling difficulties.

Some needs that fit this description might be: 
  • family learning
  • adult dog potty training and indoor marking behaviors
  • leash reactivity & aggression 
  • guarding food, toys, bones or sleeping spaces
  • Therapy dog prep
  • nuisance barking
  • separation anxiety
  • generalized anxiety
  • Fear of objects, people or dogs
  • sound sensitivities
  • destructive chewing
  • dog and child safety
  • prepping for arrival of a baby
  • introducing a new pet
  • inappropriate play behavior
This list could go on and on, but you get the idea...
These courses are offered in single-session or multi-session packages to suit your needs. Payment due at time of booking for single sessions and evals (read why here). Payment due for packages at time of contract signing. 

At Training Center
In Home
Single Session
3 Sessions
6 Sessions

*Evaluations are a a critical part of this process and allow us to take an extensive behavioral history and observe the dog's behavior firsthand. We require this for all new clients. In turn, we create a training plan based on the data we've acquired that is specific to your priorities and needs. This allows us to train efficiently and not overlap on skills the dog already knows. Without evaluation, we are training in the dark which is a terrible approach to training from both a professional standpoint and for the dog. We need to get it right from the get go.It is the greatest kindness to both our clients and their dogs.   

I really appreciated this article on the topic of why training with a plan is important and all of the aspects that go into creating a training plan for a dog. 

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